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St. Dominic College signed a memorandum of understanding with Multi Stage Inc. and JP Talk Inc. of Japan last September 11, 2018, at SDCA 4th Flr., Luigi’s Bar.

Present on the event were Mr. Takaoki Mizogoshi (CEO, Multi-Stage, Inc.), Mr. Kazuyuki Tsukahara (Chief Center of Int’l Affairs Nagasaki International University), Mr. Hitoshi Kato (SDCA Linkage Officer to Japan), and administrators of SDCA.

The signed agreement focuses on promotion and academic exchange allowing collaborative or exchange academic developments, exchange of students for study and internship, exchange of faculty members for discussions, teaching methodologies and research. This also will enable the three organizations for joint conferences, seminars, and workshops.

In line with the understanding, 12 Tourism and Hospitality Management students was interviewed by Mr. Mizogoshi for international internship.

In response to the call to further educate Dominicans and enlighten them to different issues in society, the Student Welfare Unit (SWU) and the Central College Student Council (CCSC) organized three seminars, Nov. 25 and 26 at the Dona Dominga Andaman Hall (AVR) and Studio Theater, fifth floor.

Guest speakers with professional backgrounds and expertise were invited to impart knowledge to the students.

Vincent Bryan Macanal, HIV counselor at the Department of Health (DOH) and HIV hotline operator at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, for the HIV/AIDS Awareness seminar, Romero P. Gonzalvo, SDCA professor, for the institution for the responsible use of social media seminar and Dr. Michael Montesa, acting medical director of St. Dominic Medical Center (SDMC) for the Drug Awareness seminar.

HIV Awareness, responsible use of social media sites and Drug Awareness were the top three seminars suggested by the Dominican students’ student activities survey, which is accomplished during the signing of clearance in the first semester of the academic year.

By Angelica Carulla and Kristine Hazlewood

(This article was featured in the Gateway Group of Publications broadsheet, second semester, A.Y. 2016 - 2017)

The Association of Dominican Communicators (ADC) was given the Exemplar Educators Award at the YAEEHAdemic Awards Ceremony at UP Diliman on August 11.

On Saturday, ADC attended the I AM 4 ME Summit & Festival and the YAEEHAdemic Awards ceremony at UP Diliman, where they were recognized for their cooperation in the making of Ang Timeline ng Buhay ni B (ATNBNB), an advocacy film about HIV and its stigma. Some Dominican actors that were featured in the film are Alyssa Dela Peña, Pauleen Valdez, and Prof. Romeo Gonzalvo Jr.

the film was also presented at the summit including other films directed by Crisaldo Pablo like Kamangha-manghang Bakasyon ni Juan (educates its viewers about the environment), Ang Tweet ni Florante at Laura (tackles the importance of literature), and Flying Kiss (a movie about Tuberculosis and Women Empowerment).

YAEEHAdemic Awards is the culminating event of IAM4ME Digital Intelligence Summit and Festival by The LoveLife Project where they recognize the works, people and institutions for Exemplar Social Advocacy Digital Educators, Mentors, Influencers and Content.

By: Alyssa Dela Peña
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