Library Services

Library Services

Document Delivery Services

  • is a service that delivers articles on journals, newspapers, conference proceeding or any other library materials for a specific user. We also do specialized topics emailed to you upon registration on new articles straight to your inbox, just registers your favorite topics.

  • Searching Assistance

  • is a service that entails in helping users finds their specific needs of library resources. This is done using the vast sources of information available in the DLRC.

  • Referral Service

  • is service that allows users of our college referrals to other libraries subject to specific library rules and regulation. This is done by providing a recommendation letter by the librarian address to librarians of other library to allow our users to use their library.

  • Accommodation of outside researchers

  • is a service in return to our referral service, we also accept outside researchers to conduct research on our library subject to our rules and regulations upon payment of Php 100.00.

  • Information Literacy

  • is a service conducted through orientation, library tours and the like to continuously educate our users on the proper use of the available resources for the maximum use of their research needs.

  • Current Awareness Services

  • is a service to keep up-to-date with the most recently published information and developments. Bulleting board, social media and the website are some sources of new updates. Listing of newly acquired books are also sent though letters to respective faculty for their information.

  • “ASK DOM"

  • or the Dominican Online Messaging is a service of real-time answer any questions concerning the library services.

  • Resource Reservation

  • is a service for reservation for the use of Discussion/Collaborative rooms.

  • Printing/Scanning

  • Services is a service based on the internet section. Users are able to print their research after locating it in the internet for a fee.

  • Bibliographic Services

  • is a service by providing advice on bibliographic and citation styles. This service includes compiling bibliographies upon request by the faculty members, students, and employees.