Library Facilities

Library Facilities

Reading Areas

  • DLRC provides reading areas for all library users wherein they can conveniently stay during their research activity. The reading areas are provided with book stands as well. The reading areas are provided with “Book Trolley” where the library users have to place their used books. The reading areas of DLRC are strictly adhering the policy of “Silent Study Only.”

  • Discussion and Collaborative Rooms

  • Discussion and Collaborative Rooms are intended for use by library users that need group discussion. Use of the said facilities is through reservation at least 1 (one) day in advance prior to the use of the said facilities. Reservation is “First Come, First Serve Basis” only.

  • Circulation Counter.

  • Borrowing transaction is done at the Circulation Counter. Aside from that, the staff in the said area are professionally trained to assist the library clienteles in their information needs.

  • Baggage Counter

  • All library users need to leave their bags and other bulky things in the baggage counter. However, valuables such as wallets or mobile phones need not be left in the said counter.

  • Multimedia Collection

  • DLRC also have a collection of electronic resources. These resources are E-Books, E-Journals and DVDs that composed the multimedia collection.

  • Bibliotherapy Corner

  • DLRC also provides a Bibliotherapy corner intended for library users recreational reading interests. The collection in the said section is composed of spiritual and self-help books

  • One Asia Heritage

  • DLRC ‘s mother institution bearing the name College of Asia, also collects reading materials and artifacts that signify Asian countries’ heritage.