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The Basic Education and the Emergency Management Committee (EMC), in cooperation with Bacoor Disaster Risk Reducation Management Office (BDRRMO) conducted an Institutional Earthquake Drill on July 29, 10:00AM.

The earthquake alarm blared throughout the school buildings and grounds indicated the start of the yearly Earthquake Drill, where the students performed the “Duck, Cover, and Hold”. The EMC along with the five Senior High Students Junior Respondents, who underwent summer training with the BDRRMO, guided the students towards the Molino Blvd., the assigned Evacuation Assembly Point approximately 20 meters from SDCA. The BDRRMO came to observe on how SDCA performed the earthquake drill and evaluated the whole execution which were shared on the post- drill evaluation.

The Institutional Earthquake is done four times in a year, two announced and two unannounced.

St. Dominic College of Asia and Workskills International offers cookery and patisserie program that will last for one year. Two and a half months will be dedicated to learning the theories before moving on to the actual laboratory activities which would require the remaining nine and a half months of training period. Each student will be given their own working station— their own working table with the necessary equipment for them to use so that they can work with the efficiency similar to those who are in the industry for years. Furthermore, the modules cover the implementation and monitoring of environmentally sustainable work practices to coordinating cooking operations. These are lectures to actual application of the theories they’ve learned in the course.

Despite the upgrades that we’ve done in our modules, facilities, and certificates, the tuition fee remains reasonable for everyone who would like to enroll in the program especially for a year of lectures and immersion. Moreover, the fee also covers the ingredients and chef’s uniform so that the student will only need to focus on their activities without having to worry about the details. The upgraded facilities and updated equipment are at par with the facilities and technology used in hotels to ensure that the students will know how to work their way around the kitchen which gives them edge among the rest.

With the certificate in cookery and patisserie, the student will receive their Certificate IV that will greatly help them to apply for Workskills’ study in Australia. They will also have the opportunity to learn and earn because there are fully paid, 12-month culinary internships in Australia in 4 - and 5-star hotels, resorts, and restaurants. As for the local opportunities, students will be able to experience working in famous hotels and cruise lines just like the ones who have previously graduated with Workskills International Certificate.

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